Beans Sousa and Friends - WELCOME BACK TO MARKLEEVILLE - (CD)
Duets with Mary McCaslin, Lacy J. Dalton, Slade Rivers about fishing and romancing in

a sleepy little town among the Sierra Nevada and the characters that reside there.
$19.25 US
Released April 2012


David John and The Comstock Cowboys - SONGSLINGER - (CD)
Northern Nevada's favorite original Country Band

$19.25 US
Released Jan. 2012



Jeff Blackburn - HERE AND NOW - (CD)
This is the first CD release for the singer songwriter with all original selections.

Jeff is best known for his co writing several songs for Neil Young's "Rust Never Sleeps"
as well as the two artists performing together in the west coast super band "The Ducks"
$21.50 US
Released Nov. 2005
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Mark Stotenberg - FATHERS & SONS - (CD)
Known throughout Tuolumne County California for his music, his avid interest in history and his acting at the Sierra Repertory Theatre, Mark Stoltenberg now presents the"Fathers and Sons" CD. Five Generations of Sierra Stories
$17.50 US
Released Oct. 2005
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Lacy J Dalton and FRIENDS - Wild Horse Crossing (CD)
Artists around the Northern Nevada area come together to benefit the preservation of the Wild Mustang. Original music written and performed by Lacy and Her friends, Beans Sousa, Richard Elloyan, John Tyson, David John and The Comstock Cowboys and many more. A Shop Records Best Seller!
$17.00 US
Released Sept. 1999


Richard Elloyan - "Twister"(CD)
13 Brand New original tunes from Northern Nevada's favorite Cowboy Singer songwriter.
$17.00 US
Released 2004


Richard Elloyan - "BIG NEVADA SKY"(CD)
Richard Elloyan is a singer, songwriter, and poet who brings to life the images and philosophies of the cowboy and those who are cowboys at heart. With two albums of original material and the best guest artists, Elloyan is on his way to becoming a household word in Northern Nevada
$17.00 US
Released 2003


Richard Elloyan - "ORDINARY COWBOY"(CD)
Richard Elloyan first solo CD release. The album has had retrospective play in the USA as well as Canada and several othr countries.
$16.00 US
Released 1998


Lance Robison - "THE VERY BEST OF"(CD)
San Luis Obispo County's favorite songwriter and best kept secret since the mid 1970's. Robison was part of the area's famed Park Hotel Band and went solo shortly after the group broke up. Hear now "The Best Of" The central coast artist.
$17.00 US
Released 2005